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We are specialists in the multifamily apartment industry and it shows in how we perform our in-depth inspections, the information we collect, and the cost estimates we provide. We produce a thorough report detailing existing conditions, any issues discovered, how to remedy them, and a needs budget for the entire property.

We also inspect hotel, retail, self-storage, warehouse, light industrial, office, and medical buildings.

PCA and CNAs are reports typically required by lending firms for acquisitions and refinances.

Our scope of work includes a property assessment to document findings relating to building and site components, and Capital Replacement Reserve Schedules to display probable costs of component replacement.

We are a HUD approved APPS organization, and trained users of the CNA e-tool.

Municipal Code Compliance Annual Inspections

In most applicable Metro-Atlanta counties and cities, we are approved 3rd party multifamily inspectors for annual required inspections.  Our team holds the required ICC Certifications to provide interior unit and exterior building reports to the city or county in which a property is located.

Accessibility for persons with disabilities can be a critical component of a property. We have performed accessibility compliance reviews as a required portion of an agency loan, a preliminary review in anticipation of loan qualification (using architectural plans or onsite
review), and for safety or legal matters. Scope can vary depending on need and other factors.

During active renovation projects, we can perform monitoring and draw reviews, and provide a summary of findings upon each review in order to assist in ensuring work is aligned with fund requests and appears performed to scope.

Our scope of work includes a detailed investigation of the property with the purpose of locating environmental conditions that may impose a liability, restrict the use, or impact the value or
marketability of the Property in accordance with ASTM E-1527 standards.

We are HUD HEROS consultant partners.

A lease file audit is a detailed investigation and verification of records, including application and screening information, deposits, rent rates, additional fees, lease dates, assistance programs, and payment history. We compile this data together into a spreadsheet format and summary report, which can be used to analyze true income, determine variances in leases vs. rent rolls, forecast occupancy rates and renewal strategies, determine income qualification levels with revised rent rates, and, when coupled with our physical property inspection, a cross-reference of physical occupancy vs. rent roll occupancy.

Typically supplemental to a Phase One ESA, we can conduct radon measurements and utilize strategic partners to provide lead and asbestos testing.

How can we help you with your real estate asset? We have performed a number of completely customized services in order to assist our clients, including value-engineering accessibility repairs and renovation plans, conceptual cost reviews, contractor procurement, water usage analysis, and even expert witness testimony. We are often called upon to review previously completed inspections to create alternative solutions. Just let us know the issue you are facing, and we will work to implement a solution.

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