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Our Story

Years In Business

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B2M was founded by Walter J. Broom in 1984 in Atlanta, Georgia as “Walt Broom Real Estate Services” to provide expert inspections and opinions as an owner’s representative. Walt’s commitment to thorough assessments, practical solutions, and client satisfaction are principals that remain engrained in our company to this day.

Sidney Malkin joined Walt in 1998, and brought a strong history in multifamily due diligence and operations, further advancing the depth of expertise and value our clients have come to expect. Sid personifies what it means to help a client in whatever way it takes.

Complimented along the way with the additions of Partner Joel Miller and an exceptional team, B2M has grown into a trusted resource for a diverse group of investors, lenders, municipalities, and real estate professionals.

B2M is called upon time and again because clients know they are working directly with people who care about their needs, are accurate in their reporting, are willing to investigate beyond the industry status quo, and have collective experience that surpasses all other options.


Walter "Walt" Broom

Founding Partner

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